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Hello friends! 

Thank you for taking a moment to check out how you can partner with us! To know our story is to understand that we have a passionate desire to see people come to know and experience the living God through our wonderful savior, Jesus. Ever since sensing a calling from God upon our lives to church plant, we have been making strides towards it. Now, we find ourselves not only training towards that end but also being in the thick of it here in NJ! In March of this year, we were sent out of our missional community to plant a fresh one. A missional community is a group of people who live out their identity as a family of missionary servants in order that the community would be saturated with the gospel. The goal is that every man, woman, and child would have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed. As missional communities multiply, there should not be one person in the community who does not encounter a follower of Jesus! We are only a few months into the start of our missional community but we hope that within the next year and a half we can send out a new leader to plant a fresh one.

The training up of leaders and the planting of missional communities is what God has called us to and we are giving our lives to this work. I (Guy) want to free up 30 hours a week in order to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry." My desire is that with this 30 hours a week I can work diligently for the raising up of and sending out of leaders for the sake of gospel saturation. Doing that at 30 hours a week will free up an additional 16-20 hours of work within the community. Our desire is that within the next two years we would planting a church that will be made up of multiple missional communities that gather together on Sunday's and then are sent back out into the community to make disciples who make disciples.

We are thankful to God for His provision for us through this journey! We are continually seeking out people who will join us as ministry partners in order that the Kingdom of God would continue to advance through His people. We ask that you would consider joining us as well! Our original goal was to raise $3,000 a month. We are currently supported at $2,250/month for 2017. This has been enough to free up 2 days a week for the church. I am hoping to change this so that I can commit at least 3 days a week towards training and equipping for the church. Some of what your support will go towards is the church planting program we are in now called "Soma Sending" ($7,600), and our rent which is $1,350/mo. All of your financial support would be sent to our current church, Great Bay Gospel Fellowship and is tax deductible. Thank you for considering partnering with us! We believe that God has called us to this work and we are excited for the possibility that you will join us! 

With love and great affection,

Guy and Janelle Hills



Guy: (585)-298-0438/ guy@greatbaygospel.com

Janelle: (585)-754-4901/ janellemhills@gmail.com